Take your advertising to the next level with the Geeks at Geek Town USA. We’ll create beautiful and effective digital ads that will target your customer based on location, hobbies, demographics, interests and more. We’ll use analytical tools to see how the ads are working and tweak the campaigns as necessary. Whether you’re looking to build awareness, drive phone calls, sell products, or simply build your brand, our paid digital advertising campaigns will be customized for you, your company, and your individual goals.

Why spend a ton of money advertising to people who don’t care about your business?

Pay Per Click

PPC allows you to target your potential costumer in a highly specific manner. No other medium allows you to target consumers in specific locations at a specific time of day. Test the interest in new products or services through a PPC campaign with key messages to drive engagement. And unlike traditional marketing, you can see the results of your PPC campaign quickly to gauge how well it’s working.

PPC gives you the ability to tightly control your budget. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. That means you only spend money on motivated leads who click your ad for more information and possibly a sale. With PPC, you can cap your budget and change your budget at any time.

Management of Google Ads

Google AdWords is a form of PPC that Geek Town USA specializes in. It uses Google ads created for your company, with keywords targeting potential leads, to drive traffic to your website, calls to your business, or downloads of your apps. Our team will create and manage Google Ads per month. Ads will be evaluated on performance and redesigned to optimize your website traffic and conversions. We’ll examine your goals and strategize to achieve them!

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are a form of PPC that utilizes Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram to reach potential customers. With Facebook and Instagram ads you can target people based on their location, age, gender, interests, what they buy online and offline, and what they post and we can use the tools that Facebook provides to see how those ads are performing on both social networks. We’ll work collaboratively with you to build the most effective ads to reach your potential clients and achieve your business goals.

Other Social Media Advertising Opportunities

The Geeks at Geek Town USA can target any social media network you want to hit, with paid exposure that zeroes in on your particular audience. If you need to reach a business group, the Geeks might determine that LinkedIn is your best advertising outlet to focus your ads to exactly the business professionals you’re trying to reach. Want to utilize Snapchat filters to brand your business? Geek Town USA can help you geographically target your filter and custom design that filter to be exactly what you want. Do you worry that posting on Twitter isn’t driving enough traffic to your business or building enough revenue. Let the Geeks help you utilize paid Twitter ads to boost your exposure and your goals.

Industry-Specific Websites & Publications

When your needs are focused on very specific groups or businesses, the Geeks at Geek Town USA can help you advertise on industry specific websites and publications geared towards the business and special interest groups you need to reach. Rather than spending the hours it might take to learn which sites or publications is most geared to your business and therefore most effective, let the Geeks do the work for you. We’ll deliver a plan that fits your budget.

Stunning Landing Pages

So you’ve successfully driven traffic to your website but are those people seeing the right content to convert them from a lead into a real client or customer? Making sure they land on the right page with the right information to convert them is critical. Landing Page Creation is a critical digital ad tool and can make the difference between successful money spent or money thrown away. Let the experts at Geek Town USA create effective landing pages for your website.

Landing Pages can feature any content you want your clients and customers to see when they click on an ad or a social media post. It may be informational, an offer, anything. Your website can have as many landing pages as you want to promote and the designers at GTU can create them for you. Landing pages may raise awareness or include a call-to-action to fill out a form, take advantage of a special deal or buy a specific product. Whatever it is, your landing page must convert prospects into revenue-generating customers and clients. With Geek Town USA, your landing pages are in good hands.