No matter how happy you are with any website, your smile may turn upside down if people can’t find your site. How can your site reach more potential revenue-generating clients than you competitor sites? You need Geek Town USA SEO experts to optimize your site for every search engine out there to reach the specific customers and clients you’re looking to attract.

Whether your business is small or large, or somewhere in between and you rely on Web traffic for sales or marketing, you need the Geeks to optimize your website.

Page Optimization

Page optimization involves complete keyword, title, and site descriptions for each page on your site to make certain your code conforms to current search engine standards. Other services we perform include load time optimization, code validation, keyword density, and more.

Content Pages

Content doesn’t simply inform the visitor to your site. It brings your site to life. It conveys your message, your culture and your brand. Blogging, for example, may not only inform or engage your web visitors, it can optimize your content for SEO. How? By focusing on certain key words or phrases, your site can gain inbound links from other websites and search engines, thus increasing your traffic and visibility. The experts at GTU are expert in making sure your content is 100% SEO optimized.

Don’t try to do this time consuming and complicated work yourself. The team at GTU will research the market and the keywords and phrases most relevant to your industry. We take a careful look at the amount of competition in your space, which in turn helps to determine the cost to compete for top placement.

Local SEO

With Google My Business, when people search for your business, your company information pops up instantly and accurately. We can help you set up your local listings page with your hours, contact info, and more and we can do this for any number of locations. Closing for the holidays? We can update your local listings information to reflect that. Let Geek Town’s SEO experts add pictures or video to your listings to show off your business. Allow people searching for your company to pull up your phone number on their mobile device and call you directly from the search results. We’ll make sure the page is optimized for SEO and easy for the consumer to use.